Security With Function

Signing on the X is an electronic method to finalize secure transactions remotely.

Electronic signature functions are being implemented and will become accepted procedure for many types of business transactions. The definition of to “sign on the X”, as used via the Internet is, “To authenticate a document with a symbol or representation unique to a specific person that identifies only that person and cannot be used or replicated by, or obfuscated as any other entity.”

This function will likely gain in acceptance as a personal signature for document authentication.

The operator of this site is developing a simplified, efficient SignOnTheX functionality procedure. Your responses regarding use of electronic signatures may help define the function. There are no incorrect responses.

Please post up your concerns and questions.

What functions might you be willing to use sign-on-the-X? Purchasing your next car? Opening a bank account? Purchasing and / or selling real estate? Purchasing home appliances? Applying for a personal loan? Applying for a brokerage account? Submitting information requested by government agencies, such as social security, etc.?

Do you believe that the sign-on-the-X function can be made totally secure?

Regarding any potential fee for using the sign-on-the-X function, which party should pay the fee? The business or the customer?

Do you have concerns and questions regarding the sign on the X function as it would be implemented online via the Internet?

Thank you for considering this procedure and providing your thoughts.

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